Frequently Asked Questions


What is Super Summer Kids Florida?

Super Summer Kids Florida is a camp sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention, with funding provided by the Cooperative Program. Super Summer Kids Florida takes place each summer on the campus of Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, in Leesburg, Florida. Super Summer serves campers who have completed 3rd—5th grade.

How Do I Register?

Registration is completed through the office of the Florida Baptist Convention. The registration form is available on the website.

Who Determines My Roommates for Super Summer?

During the registration process, your youth pastor will be the one to actually make pairings/assignments for your church. Once your youth pastor has made the assignments, they will be submitted to Super Summer. The Super Summer registrars have the authority to change any roommate pairings necessary in order to accommodate the maximum number of students possible. Super Summer makes every effort to work with your church’s youth pastor before making roommate assignment changes.

How Do I Cancel?

In general, you or your youth pastor can cancel a registration without penalty until a pre-determined date. This date is indicated within the registration guidelines. After this date, a cancellation fee will be assessed. This fee helps us pay for any materials that have already been purchased by Super Summer for you. Eventually, there is a deadline date where we cannot accommodate any refunds to registration charges Again, please see the registration page for these specific guidelines and dates.

Where Do I Go When Arriving On Campus?

At the beginning of each camp, every student and adult must go through the registration process. Registration is held at the Raintree Building. When you arrive in Lake Yale, follow the posted Super Summer signs and staffers, and they will help make sure you are in the right place. Our staffers will greet you and your students in the parking lost and help guide you to the right place.

What Can I Expect During Registration?

During registration, you and your students will be given their appropriate teaching assignment, name tag, curriculum, t-shirt, and room key (if you are assigned to the hotel). The process for getting your students all the things they need is fairly simple once you arrive on campus. Simply follow the signs, and be sure to ask any of our staffers if you need additional help or have questions.

I’ve Never Been to Lake Yale—How Do I Know Where Things Are?

If you are a youth pastor, when you visit the check-in table, you will have a staffer assigned to help you find your way around campus. Please make sure you indicate to us that you have never been to Super Summer before.

If you are a student, the best way to find some our energetic college staffers, or your fellow campers, and ask them where to go. There is also a map in your curriculum book that will help you.

Where Will I Stay During Camp?

We hope you brought your tent. We have some nice camping spaces reserved just for you—just kidding. Every camp participant will be housed in one of Lake Yale’s hotel rooms or cabins. We have a piece of sophisticated computer software that houses each participant, in accordance with the rooms made available to us.

What Happens During Recreation and Do I Have to Participate?

Recreation is a vital piece of Super Summer, because it encourages team building and builds relationships in ways that no other activity can. Recreation is a series of team—building games designed to get students wet, dirty, and to have fun. Recreation is required for all students, except for those with medical disabilities. Adults are not require to participate but are required to be in attendance.

Do I Need to Bring Money to Super Summer?

Housing, curriculum, food, and your t-shirt are covered in the registration charges paid to Super Summer. However, if you wish to purchase items, such as the band’s merchandise, snacks, drinks, or other t-shirt, additional money will be required.