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 JULY 7-11, 2025

$385 per Participant

Ascension Worship

Be where

the action


Witness hundreds of students from around the state as they come together to learn more about our Heavenly Father.  Celebrate the victories in the hearts of our Florida youth, cheer your team, and enjoy what summer camp is all about - bringing people together. When it comes to truly having a "super summer," you'll want to be there!


Super Summer Florida is a student ministry camp for Florida Baptists, by Florida Baptists. This camp is sponsored by the Florida Baptist State Convention, with funding provided by the Cooperative Program.


We look forward to partnering with you in providing a quality camp experience for

students, as well as offering an opportunity for churches to help their students grow

in their walk with Jesus, while growing closer together.

Fun will be had, relationships will be developed, but more importantly, we will make

Jesus the focus in all that we do!

-Nathan Schneider

Florida Baptist Convention

Next Generation Catalyst

Nathan Schneider 2023.jpg


Each night we will gather together for a corporate worship time with the whole camp.

The camp band will lead us in worship and our camp speaker will lead us into the Word on

the camp theme.

Church Group Time

One of our priorities is championing the local church, we want to give you the opportunity to invest in your students. During this time, you will be given a space to gather with your students to unpack the way the Lord is working in their lives during their time at camp.

We offer materials to help facilitate this time.         

Bible Study

One of our trained staff members will engage everyone at camp in group Bible study each day. We provide age-specific Bible study materials that align with the camp theme.


Students will participate in different games with their Bible Study groups lead by a member of our trained camp staff, who also leads the Bible study. Each activity serves a specific purpose and is debriefed so students can make application in their lives.


Students will have the opportunity to pick activities they would like to participate in throughout the week. Breakouts are created to give students the opportunity to participate in something with which they are familiar or try something new! We offer creative, active, performance, and classroom-based activities during these times, and each breakout is led by a member of the  Super Summer staff.

Free Time

Students have the opportunity to choose how to spend their time with their "old" and "new" friends while participating in activities lead by a Super Summer Staffer through out the campus.      

Quiet Time

Each morning, students will have the opportunity to spend time with the Lord, working through a devotion we provide to reinforce the camp theme.


.Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center is a full service retreat and conference center in the heart of Central Florida.


At Lake Yale Camp and Conference Center, programming will take place central camp  and you will enjoy cafeteria style dining with various entrée options at every meal, along with salad and dessert bars. Two options for housing: Cabins - had 12 bunk beds with community bathrooms and two counselor's room with private bathroom. (Linens are not provided.) Hotel - rooms consist of either one king bed or one full and one twin bed, all rooms included private bathroom. Towels will not be provided. Please be aware that your group is personally responsible for damages to any facilities including but not limited to the rooms your group occupies. You will also be asked by the facility to pay for any lost keys. 

For more information visit

  • What is Super Summer Florida?
    Super Summer Florida is a camp sponsored by the Florida Baptist Convention, with funding provided by the Cooperative Program. Super Summer Florida takes place each summer on the campus of Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center, in Leesburg, Florida. Super Summer serves campers who have completed 6th—12th grade.
  • How Do I Register?
    Registration is completed through the office of the Florida Baptist Convention. The registration form is available on the website.
  • How Do I Cancel?
    In general, you or your youth pastor can cancel a registration without penalty until a predetermined date. This date is indicated within the registration guidelines. After this date, a cancellation fee will be assessed. This fee helps us pay for any materials that have already been purchased by Super Summer for you. Eventually, there is a deadline date where we cannot accommodate any refunds to registration charges. Again, please see the registration page for these specific guidelines and dates.
  • Where Do I Go When Arriving On Campus?
    At the beginning of each camp, every student and adult must go through the registration process. Registration is held at the Raintree Building. When you arrive in Lake Yale, follow the posted Super Summer signs and staffers, and they will help make sure you are in the right place. Our staffers will greet you and your students in the parking lost and help guide you to the right place.
  • What Can I Expect During Registration?
    During registration, you and your students will be given their appropriate teaching assignment, name tag, curriculum, t-shirt, and room key (if you are assigned to the hotel). The process for getting your students all the things they need is fairly simple once you arrive on campus. Simply follow the signs, and be sure to ask any of our staffers if you need additional help or have questions.
  • I’ve Never Been to Lake Yale—How Do I Know Where Things Are?
    If you are a youth pastor, when you visit the check-in table, you will have a staffer assigned to help you find your way around campus. Please make sure you indicate to us that you have never been to Super Summer before. If you are a student, the best way is to find some our energetic camp staffers, or your fellow campers, and ask them where to go.
  • Where Will I Stay During Camp?
    We hope you brought your tent. We have some nice camping spaces reserved just for you—just kidding. Every camp participant will be housed in one of Lake Yale’s hotel rooms or cabins. We have a piece of sophisticated computer software that houses each participant, in accordance with the rooms made available to us.
  • What Happens During Recreation and Do I Have to Participate?
    Recreation is a vital piece of Super Summer, because it encourages team building and builds relationships in ways that no other activity can. Recreation is a series of team—building games designed to get students wet, dirty, and to have fun. Recreation is required for all students, except for those with medical disabilities. Adults are not require to participate but are required to be in attendance.
  • Do I Need to Bring Money to Super Summer?
    Housing, curriculum, food, and your t-shirt are covered in the registration charges paid to Super Summer. However, if you wish to purchase items, such as the band’s merchandise, snacks, drinks, or other t-shirt, additional money will be required.
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